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Branding, Website, Webflow development, Motion design

2 weeks

Tioseal — Leaders in petrochemical production in Western Asia

How We Reimagined TIOSEAL’s Digital Identity to Lead in the Petrochemical Industry

About the project

When you're a market leader in the petrochemical industry like TIOSEAL, your digital presence should reflect the same level of expertise and vision that you bring to your field. That’s where we came in, to tackle the challenge of aligning TIOSEAL's online identity with their industry-leading commitments to safety, environmental sustainability, and corporate responsibility.


Our role was to refresh TIOSEAL’s Brand identity and design a corporate website that could effectively showcase TIOSEAL’s diverse range of products and align with their ethos.


Previously, the brand was cloaked in a more muted teal—a shade that, while elegant, perhaps didn't fully encapsulate the brand's dynamism and forward momentum. In our redesign, we breathed life into this color, transforming it into the luminous cyan we see today. This contemporary hue not only reinvigorates the brand's visual identity but also aligns seamlessly with its aspirations, embodying a sense of reliability, vitality, and modernity.


We kicked things off with an in-depth industry research phase, followed by a series of wireframes and prototypes. Several iterations later, we arrived at a sleek, responsive design that not only resonated with TIOSEAL's core values but also provided a seamless user experience.


While TIOSEAL sets the industry standard for safety, environmental sustainability, and corporate responsibility, we were thrilled to deliver a website that matches their level of excellence—and to do so quickly.

The agile methodology and seamless collaboration between our team and TIOSEAL ensured that we could go from conceptualization to launch in record time, without cutting corners or compromising on the attributes that make TIOSEAL the leader that it is.

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